Harnessing Hobbies for Lead Generation

written by The Residential Specialist   
Jul 9, 2021


REALTORS® know they need to be open-minded when looking for new buyers or sellers. From outside-the-box marketing campaigns to leveraging personal relationships, creative thinking is key when attracting new clients.

But why not try combining work and leisure time to grow your business? Agents should consider looking at translating their hobbies or interests into customer growth.

Community presence

Whether it be chess, sailing or stamp collecting, you can probably find a group of like-minded individuals to join or start a club in your community. Weekly or monthly meet-ups can expand your network. If you’re less interested in those types of activities, finding a consistent community service group could be the right move for you. Fundraising, feeding the needy or even picking up trash are all great ways to make your community a better place and enhance your brand or public image. While it may be more difficult to meet in person due to the pandemic, many clubs are meeting virtually. Don’t abandon your groups; just switch to Zoom so you can continue to build relationships.

Workout plans

Staying physically fit is something many of us strive for. But instead of wearing headphones and staring blankly ahead while on a treadmill, get to know people at your local gym, especially post-pandemic. Many people view working out as a social activity, so while you’re spotting someone on the bench press, strike up a conversation between sets.

If you prefer larger group activities, try joining a pick-up sports league. Whether you come into the league with a preset team and interact with other squads, or join solo and bond with your new teammates, meeting new circles of people can generate leads. Not only can you have fun doing something you love, but making new friends and acquaintances can pay dividends down the line with referrals, as well.

Search social groups and forums

As society becomes more digital, online forums can be a great place to connect with people. People from all over the world converge in internet groups and forums to share stories and give advice on everything from healthy eating to race cars. You may already be a member of real estate forums, but try to expand past the profession to other areas of interest. Odds are that any hobby you may have—no matter how obscure—has some sort of community on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Keep in mind that some message boards may be local and some may operate on a wider scale. Forums in your immediate community may be helpful in the present, but national or international forums could still be useful. Maybe you connect with someone in a different state who’s looking to buy or sell a home—pass their name on to someone you met at an RRC event in the past. They’ll appreciate the business and keep your name top of mind the next time they hear of a potential listing in your area.

Regardless of which avenues you take, tact is important—avoid coming on too strong while participating in activities that are supposed to be leisurely or fun. As you grow within the community, people will naturally want to know more about you and your life. Even subtle hints that you’re a real estate professional and have extensive and successful experience in the market could lead to business dealings, not only from those you met during the activity, but from their extended networks as well.