Get Organized with Weekly Planning

written by Jenna Koontz, CRS
Poland, OH   
Jan 15, 2021


I use Sunday as my day to get a jump-start on the week. During or immediately after my Open Houses, I reflect on the week’s activities and my productivity. I try to finish anything that is outstanding on my to-do lists. Next, I start my plan for the week ahead.   

Since day-to-day and week-to-week appointment times are always different, I use the time blocking system to schedule time for myself (workouts, doctor appointments, time with family and friends, and taking care of my house.) Scheduling in my workouts in the morning before most people are awake and doing business has been one of the best decisions for me. I am accountable to fill that time with physical activity whether it is going to my favorite workout class at the moment, walking my dogs or getting on the treadmill.

I then look at the appointments already in my calendar to see if they are in person, via zoom or a combo of both. My business partner and I also have a community YouTube channel that features not only our real estate listings, but also the areas we serve and small businesses. This has become a challenge…I do not want to be seen too many times in a row in the same outfit. Planning out my outfits for the week allows me to have a chance to wash or iron/steam any pieces that need it.

I then get back to time blocking my essential real estate activities in the time remaining. I separate time blocks daily. The blocks that have been working best for me lately are as follows:

 “Maintenance Time” is where I follow up with current clients, lenders, title companies, contractors, and co-broke agents to make sure transactions are on schedule.

“Marketing Time” is time where my partner and I come up with a plan for our marketing for the week. Posts, videos, postcards, flyers, and various other items.

“Numbers Time” is scheduled weekly to update myself with that is happening in the market around where our current listings are so I can update sellers on anything new I see happening that may affect the properties salability.

“Green Time” is time that we put in daily on activities that will gain us new business. Think FSBO, Expired, Past clients.

“Purge Time” is where I give my self-time twice daily during the week to purge all junk mail, respond to emails and phone calls that I didn’t get a chance to address yet. This allows me to not be so distracted when I am in a different time block by items that are only semi-urgent.

“Leadership Time” working with Ohio RRC leadership in 2021 to increase knowledge about RRC and the CRS designation and expand members so I block this time as well so I know it will get done.

At the end of the week when I do my reflection before planning, I try to keep an open mind on what went well and what did not. I am always open to small tweaks into the time blocks or dividing a block up, so I do not end up avoiding a block of time with distractions and my guilty pleasure for mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. I must thank my partner Rich for opening my eyes to how much I do it by showing me on my iPhone the amount of time I spend. I have set time limits on apps like these to keep myself accountable.

Having a plan allows me to be able to sleep at night, I do not wake up in a panic thinking that I have forgotten something. There is a plan in place, and it will all get done. Keeping it up is hard, having the discipline to do it is hard. I am not going to lie, waking up on a cold day when everyone else including the dogs are sleeping to workout is not fun. But as agents we do so much for everyone else, taking the time to keep yourself healthy so you can continue helping others is sometimes what helps me get through. It is also nice not having to dread Monday morning wondering how I will get it all done. You have created your own marching orders. You only need to follow them.