A Positive Practice for the Morning

written by Jenna Koontz, CRS
Poland, OH   
Nov 16, 2020

Health & Fitness


This year has been a little crazy both professionally and personally...who can’t relate?

There have been times that I’ve struggled to get out of my head and away from the negative spiral when it feels like at every turn there are barriers going up. 

2020 has made me realize more than ever all the things, big or small, that I am grateful to see, experience, or have. The practice of writing down what I am grateful for before I dig into that day's workload is the one constant that I know will help me move through the day in a more positive way.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take a Ninja class and follow some business coaches that preach about a morning routine of gratitude. I get a cup of tea and find a quiet, comfortable spot to reflect.  I open a dedicated notebook and date the page. Sometimes I will write a few things that have been going on in my life or in the world.  This helps me to put things into context later if I go back to previous entries. I will then jot down five things that I’m grateful for within the last 24 hours. After I reflect on those five gratitudes, I continue with 10 goals for the current year and for the future.

As I commit these goals to paper it forces me to think about what my life will be like once I’ve achieved those goals.  That gets me excited for what new things will happen in the future, and in turn the new things that I will be grateful for.  It may be difficult at first.  But like anything, the more you practice, the easier it will become.  The more you stay consistent, the more your brain will retrain all the things you should be grateful for. 

When I am being vigilant with this practice, I wake up an hour earlier to make sure I get this done. I don’t go on social media.  I don’t check my emails or text messages until the task is complete.

There is a quote that has changed my perspective on past events that at times I have struggled to let go. “What if things are not happening to you? What if they are happening for you?” My morning gratitudes help me recognize and reflect on obstacles that are sometimes presented to me as building blocks and lessons that I need to learn in order to personally and professionally get to the next level and achieve my goals.