5 Ways to Combat Spring Allergies in Your Home

written by The Residential Real Estate Council
Apr 7, 2022


With spring upon us and winter in the rearview, it’s important to protect your home and your family from allergies. Seasonal allergies tend to come out of the woodwork, disrupting your mood along with your physical equilibrium. As a homeowner, there are numerous ways to combat these allergies throughout the spring season. Use these five essential tips when trying to combat spring allergies in your house.

1. Improve HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

When taking care of your allergies throughout your home, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing what you can to stay healthy and free of congestion. Evaluating your HVAC along with your air conditioning unit is essential to improving your indoor air quality. Check your air conditioner, make sure it’s up to date and consistently replace the filters for routine purposes. Check your HVAC system or air conditioning unit for any natural damage or simple wear and tear that can occur. To protect these systems from sudden failure, look into a home warranty policy. This umbrella of protection can cover your air conditioner and HVAC from depleting over natural causes while speeding up the repair or replacement time.

2. Limit dust build up

An important part of keeping your allergies at bay is to make sure you have a hygienic home and limit the amount of dust build up. Although this may seem like an easy fix, it’s something you’ll have to tend to consistently. To start, regularly vacuum every carpet or crevice in your home, even the small bathroom carpets. Washing and cleaning your flooring, furniture and table tops once a week is another way to keep the dust away. Prioritize dusting the spots that are hard to reach such as lamp shades, curtains, fans and other unattended areas throughout your home.

3. Control allergies caused by your pets

Certain pets can riddle your home with allergies as they not only shed fur, but skin particles that can attach to the carpets in your home. If you’re too close with your furry friend and can’t bear to give them to another loving home, try to make certain rooms, such as your bedroom, a pet-free zone. Find an air purifier that’s the right fit for you and your allergies, limiting your exposure to 98% of indoor allergens. Having a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom can also help limit your exposure to these specific pet allergens or buying a HEPA-filter for your vacuum to make cleaning up after your pet easier.

4. Restrict pollen from getting into your home

When spring brings warmer weather and fresher air, you may be tempted to open your windows more often. Be mindful that this can cause other allergens from the outdoors to get into your home and trigger allergies. Refrain from hanging any blankets or clothes to dry outside as pollen can cling to them. If you’ve gone outside, remove any jackets and clothing items that have been exposed to pollen and throw them in the wash. Sometimes, it’s best to limit your family's exposure to the outdoors during pollen season.

5. Keep your bedding clean

One of many simple ways to combat allergens in the bedroom is to ensure you’re washing your pillowcases, sheets and your pillows themselves every month or so. Having a dust cover for your mattress to keep dust mites out and even investing in dust free pillow covers are sufficient ways to keep your bedding clean. Don’t forget to give your comforter a wash each week as well.

Find peace of mind this spring by protecting your home and family from aggravating sinus issues. By following these five tips to combat spring allergies in your home, you can feel confident that you’re doing what you can to limit potential flare ups.