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Keller Williams, The Dwight Price Group
521 W. Lamar Alexander Pkwy
Maryville, TN 37801 - US
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For Dwight Price, there’s no greater reward than making a positive impact on the life of another. Discover how he’s making a difference throughout Blount County and the surrounding area. "The bottom line is I love helping other people achieve success. Whether it’s helping a client find the perfect home or helping my agents build their businesses, there’s nothing more rewarding and inspiring to me than making an impact on people’s lives." It was Dwight Price’s first day as a teacher and he felt like a giant – literally and figuratively. You see, Dwight’s first teaching job was at the very elementary school he attended as a kid. Now, he had returned as a grown man, embarking on a career path that granted him the opportunity to make a lifelong impact on the lives of his students. For Dwight, it was the affirmation of a personality trait he’s displayed from day one. "Even as a young child, I had a nurturing instinct and wanted to help others," Dwight explains. "Knowing that my guidance could affect another person’s life so significantly was very appealing to me." A Lifelong Pattern Dwight embraced that opportunity like he does everything in life. Displaying a constant desire to continue learning and become the best at what he does, Dwight excelled in his teaching career for many years. He viewed his role as the creator of opportunities to the children to grow and learn. He was driven every day by that special feeling he got when he knew he really connected with a child. It was during Dwight’s teaching career that he first began investing in real estate. His entrepreneurial side was attracted to the vast opportunity in the real estate industry, and Dwight knew a career in real estate would still allow him to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Blazing a new career path, Dwight was an immediate success. He approached the business from a whole new perspective – he was the first agent in Blount County to aggressively market himself with a prominent local billboard – and his clients took note and became extremely loyal to him. Sharing his knowledge After 12 years as one of Blount County and vicinity’s leading real estate professionals, Dwight took his career – and the real estate industry – to a higher level by opening the doors to his own real estate company. Today, Price & Associates is home to many of the area’s premier agents who are attracted to the unique office environment and one-on-one coaching and guidance from Dwight himself. Although he still works with an exclusive group of clients, Dwight’s primary role these days is in running the company and helping his agents succeed in their businesses. He is proud to share his knowledge and experience with others in the name of elevating the quality of the industry as a whole. In fact, true to his nature, Dwight is still as much a student of real estate as he is a teacher. Always looking for innovative techniques and business-building strategies to pass on to his agents, Dwight mentors his associates to higher productivity while helping them achieve better balance in their lives. Making an impact From teaching elementary school kids to helping families buy and sell their most important investment to guiding his agents to new levels of productivity and professionalism, Dwight Price is one man who has never stopped Making an Impact in Blount County and the surrounding area. To experience firsthand how he can make an impact on your life, give him a call today.

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Alcoa, Townsend, Knoxville, Maryville
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Anderson, Blount, Knox, Loudon
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Condominiums, Luxury Home Sales, Property Management, Residential Sales/Brokerage
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Knoxville, TN - US
Alcoa, TN - US
Louisville, TN - US

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