Customer service response timely, but uploading photos is too complicated.

What level is your computer experience? I would say my computer experience is at the expert level.

What are the most useful features of this product? I think the postcard campaign and post card mailers are useful.

Which would you use most often? Post card campaign

Did you contact customer service to check responsiveness and helpfulness?  Yes, I did contact customer service online “virtual customer service”. Customer service response time was very timely and to the point of my question.

Did you test the HELP features? Yes, there is a tutorial- over 30 videos in the MKT University regarding any questions one may have regarding the program.

Does the product have a tutorial?  Yes 

If it does, is it easy to use and understand? Yes the tutorial is easy to understand.

Are there any sections that need to be revised, or that you found confusing? No I don’t think the tutorial is confusing but I do think a lot of the sections are not necessary too repetitious.

Would you recommend this product? NO  At the computer level and real estate level this product would work for someone who is not at computer literate as I am. There are currently a number of free products which does the same thing and with better software.

Would you buy this product? No, I would not buy this product because the software needs tweaking.  Every time a picture is uploaded even if the picture was uploaded prior you have to crop the photo. This process takes a long time which adds time to a process which is supposed to help Realtors with their time management.

Is the pricing for this product fair for the value received? Just a little

What would you pay for this product? If this product was for me I would pay around $199 per year.

To your knowledge, is this a unique product? This is not a unique product!  There are a number of similar products free and for fee with easier to manage software.

Additional Comments:  This is not a unique product and uploading photos is too complicated and time consuming.

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