It is a snap to setup and pretty much runs on its own.

Pat Zaby’s “In Touch” is a valuable tool for staying in touch with past clients and your sphere, helping you win the battle for top of mind awareness. On a weekly basis, it provides valuable, written content which is then automatically sent to your specified lists of people via email.  It is also posted to your blog and on the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter. It’s a perfect Social Media solution for a) the person who considers him/herself too busy for Social Media or to write his/her own blog or b) a perfect complement for the person who ‘engages’ regularly on Facebook and Twitter but is looking for the real estate content to combine with the social posts. One also has the opportunity to create original content and send it through the same easy-to-use system for getting your material out in front of your followers with a minimum amount (almost none) of work.

Since the content is being used by many people throughout the country, my only concern is that the content will be ‘flagged’ by search engines as not being original. Also it will show up on Facebook walls and Tweets from multiple agents and thus lose some of its swagger. That said, it is worth the small setbacks in order to get the other more desirable results. It was a snap to setup and add contacts and once completed, pretty much runs on its own, if that’s what you want. Customer service received a solid B+.  I was overwhelmed when a tech person stuck around after hours to handle my initial call-in request. My second call to CS resulted in a call back after two hours. Training is available, not only on how to use “In Touch”, but also on how to integrate special apps, which are part of the financial training that is also included.

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