Great information you can use for buyers, sellers, and prospects.

What level is your computer experience?  I'm not an expert by no means but do consider myself advanced.

What are the most useful features of this product? Which would you use most often?  I had a hard time with this one and was very surprised as I do have a few of Pat Zaby's products and have had no problems.

Did you contact customer service to check responsiveness and helpfulness?  Unfortunately I did not contact customer service as I didn't have much time with my State CRS meetings and then Sell-a-bration plus all the questions I had.

Did you test the HELP features?  That's the main problem I had, I couldn't find any help features.  Once I signed off a tutorial came up but this should have been upfront.  I could not get this to work well for me.

Does the product have a tutorial? If it does, is it easy to use and understand? Are there any sections that need to be revised, or that you found confusing?  I would like to see more tutorials.  For someone more familiar with Facebook, twitter and blogging maybe they would understand more than I could.  I could not get it to connect to my Facebook or twitter.  I do NOT have a blog. 

Would you recommend this product? Why or why not, and to whom? Maybe for someone more familiar with Facebook, twitter and blogging but I think for someone like me and others like me without more tutorials for them I don't think they would be happy with their purchase.

Would you buy this product?  Not at this time

Is the pricing for this product fair for the value received?  I think the price is fair since they will be receiving great information that they can use for their buyer's, seller's and prospects.

To your knowledge, is this a unique product? Not sure if there's others like it or not.

Additional Comments:  I think if they had more help on each of their pages it would help to be a better product.

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Sharyn Rose