If you are looking for repeat or referral business, then you can benefit from this product.

What level is your computer experience?   Relatively high competency

What are the most useful features of this product? Which would you use most often?  Posting the content to emails, personal blog, Facebook and Twitter

Did you contact customer service to check responsiveness and helpfulness?  Yes, very helpful

Did you test the HELP features?  Yes, seemed to make the explanations easy to understand

Does the product have a tutorial? Yes—everything was fine and self- explanatory.

Would you recommend this product? Why or why not, and to whom?   Anyone that is working towards repeat and referral business…active and non-active in social media alike can benefit from this product.

Would you buy this product?   I need to resolve the issue with the SEO…I’m thinking it could be valuable if I only used it for my Facebook business page and the Twitter involvement that it could work too. I might have to reword it for use in my blog

Is the pricing for this product fair for the value received?  What would you pay for this product?  The pricing seems a bit high but I can justify based on the possible value in touching my clients with valuable real estate content…key is the ability for the content to continue actually touching the client.

To your knowledge, is this a unique product? Why or why not?   This is fairly unique in that it is a ‘group’ offering. There are many VA’s and ghostwriters that write content for Realtors blogs

Additional Comments:  This is definitely worth giving an opportunity to see how it will work in my business and improve as it continues.  I want to research the SEO ramifications of posting duplicate content and if my blog would be penalized.

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