Eligibility and Requirements

Education and Experience: Signposts of Professionalism

Education and experience is what being a Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) is all about. They are the foundation of the CRS Designation and, together, will lead you down the path to success. Whether you’re new to the business and still building productivity or an experienced sales agent with high production; and whether you’re in a high-priced market or low one, CRS offers a plan to meet your level of experience, market profile and personal learning preferences.

Pick the path that matches your level of experience.


Designation programs require membership in the Council of Residential Specialists. All members are required to maintain active REALTOR® or REALTOR ASSOCIATE® membership in their local board/state association. A $75 processing fee applies to all designation options. There is no time limit in fulfilling the requirements.

CRS Education Credits

The Council offers a wide range of classroom and eLearning courses as well as education events and webinars from which to earn CRS Education credits. For each program option, a minimum number of Education credits must come from CRS courses (classroom or online). The remaining Education credits may be earned from attending Sell-a-bration, the annual education conference, and from CRS webinars. View the full list of CRS Education credit options here.

Elective Credits

A total of 32 Elective credits are required to earn the CRS Designation for all except those pursuing the Pro-Program. Elective credits may be earned by taking CRS Education courses above and beyond the minimum required and/or by additional productivity (closed transactions or related income). You also can earn Elective credits by completing select courses offered by the National Association of REALTORS® or approved non-CRS distance learning courses, and for holding a bachelor’s degree and other related REALTOR® family professional designations. View the full list of Elective credit options here.

Start Earning Your Credits Today

Completing your credit requirements for the CRS Designation is likely easier than you think. View the lists of CRS Education and Elective credits and start ticking off credit you may already have earned and mark those courses you’d like to take. Visit our course schedule page to see when specific courses are being offered near you.

CRS Designation Maintenance Requirement

CRS Designees will now be required to take 2 hours of CRS education within a calendar year, in addition to paying their dues, to maintain their designation standing. The two hours can be fulfilled by taking any CRS classroom, eLearning course, live or recorded CRS webinar (including free member benefit webinars), or by attending Sell-a-bration. For more information, please see the CRS Designation Maintenance Requirements FAQ.