CRS Designation Q&A

CRS Designation Q&A

The following are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about applying for the CRS Designation. If you have a question that is not answered here or if you would like additional information please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative at 800.462.8841 or by email.

Application Fees

Q. Is there a fee to become designated?
A. Yes, the Designation processing fee is $75.

Annual Dues Q. How much are the annual dues?
A. Annual member dues are $195. In order to continue to use the CRS Designation, you must continue to pay your annual membership dues.

CRS Application Processing Questions

Q. Which courses are CRS Core Courses?
A. We no longer have Core Courses. Our designation criteria feature CRS Education (Classroom courses, eLearning Courses, events like Sell-a-bration and Webinars) requirement and an Elective Requirement. You are free to select what best fits your schedule and interests.

Q. I'm applying under Option A. How many CRS courses do I need to earn my designation?
A. Under Option A you need a total of 32 CRS Education Credits and 16 of the 32 Credits must come from CRS Courses - either in a classroom setting or online. Each of our two day classroom courses earn 16 credits. Our eLearning courses and one-day classroom courses receive 8 credits each. You can also use CRS Events like Sell-a-bration or webinars to earn your designation. Sell-a-bration is worth 8 Credits and each of our webinars earn 1 Credit. View the complete list of our CRS Education in the designation section of our website.

Q. Can I submit a computer printout of my transactions?
A. Yes, however, you must sign and date the official resume of transactions form and include the statement "See Attached". Or you can complete the Affidavit of Required Transactions.

Q. I am the principal broker, who certifies my transactions on the Affidavit of Required Transactions form?
A. If you are the principal broker, you would simply sign the Affidavit in both places.

Q. I sell land. Can I use those transactions to meet the requirement?
A. No. Credit is given for only the following transactions: single family home, townhouse, cooperative, up to and including four-unit building, duplex, condominium or permanently affixed mobile home unit. The property must include an improvement.

Q. I listed and sold a property? Is that one transaction or two?
A. Two

Q. I work with a partner. How do we count our transactions?
A. You receive ½ credit for every transaction you complete with a partner. For example, if you and you partner sold a property, you would each receive credit for ½ transaction. However, if you and your partner both listed and sold the property, you would both receive one full credit.

Q. I was not active for the last two years but I still have 75 transactions. I want to apply. Must all of my transactions come from the last five consecutive years?
A. No, you can submit transactions from any five years. For example, you can submit transactions from 2004 through 2007 and 2011 to meet the requirement.

Q. Will credit be given for a course I took before I became a member of the Council?
A. Yes, all CRS Courses will be credited toward the designation regardless of whether a person was a Council member at the time the course was taken.

Q. I haven’t earned the GRI Designation. Am I still eligible for the CRS?
A. Yes, the GRI Designation has not been required to earn the CRS Designation for years. However, if you have the GRI Designation, you can use it to receive 16 elective credits.

Q. How long will it take the Council to process my application?
A. If you are a current member of the Council, your designation application will be processed within 5 working days from receipt. Applications from individuals applying for membership and designation at the same time will be processed within 10 working days.

Q. Where can I get information on the new 60-30-30 Program for CRS Designation. When will this become effective?
A. Please view the 60-30-30 Program FAQs. You may contact CRS Customer Service by email, or phone at 800.462-8841.