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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about CRS membership.

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Q. How do I join CRS?

A. Becoming a CRS member is simple and easy. You must maintain REALTOR® or REALTOR ASSOCIATE® membership in a local board of REALTORS® and maintain CRS membership by submitting annual dues of $195. You may a) Complete the membership application and submit payment online or b) print and complete the application and return it by postal mail along with your check to CRS for the membership fee. Join now.


If you reside outside the United States, Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory or Canada:

CRS offers Real Estate Advanced Practices (REAP)—customized training for professionals living and working outside the U.S. Non-U.S./Canadian residents wishing to join the Council should complete the International membership application. CRS membership and training will help you expand your business in your local market and across borders. Those wishing to apply for the Designation should submit the CRS International application. Learn more.


Q. Do I have to be eligible for my CRS Designation in order to join CRS?

A. No, you can join at any time in your career! Many agents decide to join CRS while they’re working toward their CRS Designation, since membership provides access to discounted registration fees to education and access to select members-only benefits.


Q. How do I get my CRS Designation?

A. In order to earn your CRS Designation, you must join as a member (see question above). Once you’ve completed the required course work and have met the requirements for years in the business or sales volume, submit your Designation application and documentation satisfying all Designation requirements. Council members who submit a designation application with required documentation will be awarded the CRS Designation within five business days.


Q. Can I become a CRS member and get my CRS Designation at the same time?

A. You may apply for your membership and designation simultaneously, for a fee of $75 in addition to the membership fee of $195. If you apply for membership and the designation simultaneously (and all documentation is complete and meets requirements), you will receive notice within 10 business days that you have been awarded the CRS Designation. If the documentation is incomplete, we will let you know what is needed to complete the application process.


Q. Can I use the CRS Designation trademark on my business cards and other materials if I haven’t completed the designation requirements or do not renew my membership?

A. While you can be a CRS member, you cannot use the CRS Designation trademark until you have been awarded the designation. You must also maintain ongoing active membership in the Council of Residential Specialists and REALTOR® or REALTOR ASSOCIATE® membership in a local board of REALTORS® to be eligible to use the CRS trademark. If you do not renew your membership, you are no longer eligible to use the CRS Designation trademark.


Q. Can I become a CRS member and receive designation if I am a non-selling manager?

Yes. You may enroll as a member through the same process mentioned above. Manager-specific criteria is also available for non-selling managers who would like to apply for the designation. Notification guidelines and the requirement for active membership in the Council of Residential Specialists and a local REALTOR® association are the same as for sales agents.


Q. What are the main benefits of CRS membership?

A. CRS membership offers you access to the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive sales and marketing education in the widest variety of formats
  • CRS education focused on today’s market environment
  • Results-focused tools and business resources help ensure success
  • The Residential Specialist – our award-winning magazine
  • The Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation – as a member, you’re eligible to apply for the CRS Designation
  • One of the most effective and extensive CRS-to-CRS referral networks (CRS Designees Only) in the industry.

Learn more about member benefits.


Q. What are the requirements for designation?

A. Whether you’re new to the business and still building productivity or an experienced sales agent with high production; and whether you’re in a high-priced market or low one, CRS offers a path to designation that meet your level of experience, market profile and personal learning preferences. Learn More.