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If you are a Texas RRC member or a Realtor® this page is your resource to RRC events, training and information. 

If you are an area REALTOR®, becoming a RRC member and growing your skill sets/expertise will benefit your business and your client's experience.

Buyers and Sellers, you will also find a wealth of information, tools and resources on our website to serve your unique needs and interests. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Texas Courses & Events  

Register for an upcoming local RRC course or event in your state.

RRC’s one-day and two-day classroom courses allow you to learn skills in an intensive, hands-on, in-person environment, with other real estate agents.

Connect with other successful real estate professionals in your area to participate in social events and network with like-minded individuals, who can be valuable referral sources in the future.

Upcoming Events
Nov 19, 2020
Virtual - Zoom - LA, TX United States
Dec 17, 2020
Virtual - Zoom - LA, TX United States
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Network Groups

Central Texas Regional Network Director 
Susanna Boyer

South Texas Regional Network Director
Nick Chambers

North Texas Regional Network Director
Sherry Smith 

Get Involved

Please know that whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of RRC. 

Volunteering also connects you to other members and expands your referral network. 

Contact Texas RRC Leaders with your questions, a description of your expertise or interest and how much time you have to give. We would love to have you join us!

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Congratulations to the Texas RRC new CRS Designees in 2020!  Great job!

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