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Register for an upcoming local RRC course or event in your state.

RRC’s one-day and two-day classroom courses allow you to learn skills in an intensive, hands-on, in-person environment, with other real estate agents.

Connect with other successful real estate professionals in your area to participate in social events and network with like-minded individuals, who can be valuable referral sources in the future.

Network Groups

Leeward - Sunny Lee Oshiro, Tricia Nekota

Metro - David Baquiran

East Oahu - Chuck Garrett, Christopher Prendergast

North Shore - Kristie Figueira

Windward - Erin Cooper

Hilo - Mealoha Kraus

Kona - Kelly Shaw

Maui - Howard Dinits

Graduation Event Directors - Tricia Nekota, Sunny Lee Oshiro, Kinga Mills, Priscilla Walthouse

Gratitude Event Directors - Joy Oda, Tricia Nekota

Pau Hana Event Directors - Michele Cadiente-Cargo, Shannon Heaven

Sellabration Event Directors - Lorraine Mondo Fukumae, Brenda Mariano, Darryl Macha, Grant Kapono Kanoho

Pathway to Success - Arlene Kim-Kawamoto, Tricia Nekota

Hotspot Webinar - Arlene Kim-Kawamoto, Priscilla Walthouse

Charity With a Heart - Joyce Nakamura

Bowl-A-Thon - Bobbin Tabalno

CRS Week Donations - Shannon Severance, Julie Meier

Get Involved

Get Involved

Whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of RRC.  Volunteering also connects you to other members and expanding your network. 

For more information, contact the Hawaii Membership Leader.

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Congratulations to our 2016 CRS Graduates!

Patty Bell Kinga Mills
Kealoha Caldeira Jocelyn Negranza
Pamela Cleere Alysha Nichols-Sparkman
Jennifer Davis Seiko Ono
Daniel Espinosa Sunny Lee Oshiro
Chandra Garces Kymry Perez
Susan Gillette Diane Pizarro
Marsha Goodman-Pryor Cathy Possedi
Cynthia Harrison Christopher Prendergast
Jessica Haumea Iris Rapoza
Reid Ito Michelle Saito
Patti Kam Elaine Shinagawa
Joan Kashimoto Rebecca Supon
Tracey Kauahi Melanie Vitale
Dawn Kayano Cheryl White
Sherrie Kuroda Judith Whitfield
Kelly Lee Allison Winsnom
Liz McCourt

If you would like to know how they earned their CRS desgination, please contact any one of your State Leadership Team Executive members. 

Leadership In Hawaii


Priscilla Walthouse, CRS

Membership Leader

HI.Kevin Tengan

Kevin Tengan, CRS

Communications Leader

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