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Message from our 2019 President

Oscar Resek

This year is the 40th anniversary of CRS in our state. The first state chapter was started in 1979 and our first state President was Frank Kowalski, who is still active in real estate and who we saw this January in the Passing of the Gavel ceremony. We hope to hear more from Frank during our August meetings.

Don’t procrastinate and join our Facebook Group page, “We are Florida CRS”, to be kept up to date on classes, networking events and local real estate industry and market news.

We have a very exciting announcement for all of our Florida CRS designees and members, Sell-a-bration will be held in our state next year!

A large group of our members attended Sell-a-bration this year in Las Vegas. For those of us that are always striving to become better professionals through education, there is no better place to be than at Sell-a-bration. The instructors are the best and the topics covered are varied and timely.

Also as important is the opportunity to make friends, create relationships and become referral resources in our industry. I expect to see you all in Orlando next year!

All the Best,

Oscar Resek

2019 Florida Residential Real Estate Council President

Florida Courses & Events  

Register for an upcoming local RRC course or event in your state.

RRC’s one-day and two-day classroom courses allow you to learn skills in an intensive, hands-on, in-person environment, with other real estate agents.

Connect with other successful real estate professionals in your area to participate in social events and network with like-minded individuals, who can be valuable referral sources in the future.

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Jan 22, 2020
Orlando, FL - Orlando, FL United States
Aug 25, 2020
Orlando, FL - Orlando, FL United States
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Network Groups

Region 1:

District 8 - Tallahassee

District 9 - Pensacola/Panama City/Mexico Beach

Ann Irons  

Region 2:

District 1 - Jacksonville/

Fernandina Beach 

Clifford Baker

Region 3:

District 6 - Hillsborough/Pinellas

/Lakeland/ Brandon/Riverview

District 7 - Treasure Coast

Vincent Arcuri

Region 4:

District 2 - Palm Coast Daytona/Melbourne

District 10 - Orlando-Outlying Area

District 12 - Orlando

Sue Vasquez  

Region 5:

District 3 - West Palm Beaches

District 4 - Miami

District 11 - Ft. Lauderdale

Thamara Pichardo  

Region 6:

District 5 - Naples 

District 13 - Sarasota/Venice

Karen Borrelli  

Get Involved

Whether it is 15 minutes a week, an hour once a month or an event once a year, volunteers are the backbone of RRC.  Volunteering also connects you to other members and expanding your network.  

Contact Kristin Triolo with your questions, a description of your expertise or interest and how much time you have to give.

Florida Network Group


Congratulations to the Florida RRC new CRS Designees in 2019!  Great job!

Gabriel Pulido Rhiannon Myers Faith Welch  Venus Proffer Sandra Moorhouse 
Janet Brooks Kerry McLaughlin  Grace McCurry  Ashlee Harry   Deirdre Murphy 
Pamela Molenaar  Adam Blattner Gregory Perry  Alicia Lopez  Shannon Toder 
Kirk Ingraham  Ann Carlson James Parrish  Hillary Driscoll Olds  Andrew Barclay 
Michael Spicer Rebecca Carmona Jon Perog  Brianna Lalumiere  Adam Gurske 
Michael Armstrong  David Scott Garstka    Joseph Rains  Tiffany Spence  Francine Mcelhenny 
Suzette Flores  Sofia Sanchez Katia Reisler  Katherine Leavitt  Louise Mclean 
Laura Leigh Wood  Jennifer Walker Kristy Baker Kurt Sprigler  Marnetta Arnett 
Tiffany Comunale  Leslie Hobbs  Laura Solis  T. Charles Hendricks  Joyce Dorval  
Virginia Wright Carlos Benitez  Lisa Bratcher  Ruben Alfonso  Cammie Thomas 
Laura Powderly  Frasier Phelps  Lisa Hall   Arlene Bowie Forrester  Susan Gwynn 
AJ Wallen  Bob Hudgins Marlissa Gervasoni  David Alfin  Stella Alexander 
Cristina Benitez  Daniel Hale Michael Patridge  Lisa Baltozer   
Deborah Rees  Deirdre Murphy   Patricia Orange  Bianca Lovett   


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