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CRS Live One- and Two-Day Classroom Courses contain comprehensive, practical, real-world strategies and solutions that can immediately benefit your students. Licensing a CRS Course is a great way to offer value to your members and help them become better agents. CRS courses offer top-notch content, expert instructors, and a robust suite of marketing materials and support to ensure that your course is a success.

Please use this form to submit your requests to license CRS courses. Visit for additional information about CRS One and Two-Day Courses, as well as information about CRS Certified Instructors.

As a Course Licensee, your organization is responsible for managing the course including collecting registrations and all the finanicial obligations for the class.

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The Course licensee is the organization responsible for managing the course, collecting registrations, and all the financial liabilities associated with the course. The Council will contract with this organization and direct all questions and information to the contact person listed below.

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Please provide information about any specialized considerations or terms related to your request. Will this be a virtual or hybrid course? If so, do you need an RRC Facilitator ($150 per day).

Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the right to present the RRC Course, Licensee is responsible for:

  • a $250 non-refundable course License Fee that allows the licensees to promote offering the RRC course;
  • a fee for each student who attends the course (“Per Student Fee”) $60 for CRS Two-Day course and $30 for a CRS One-Day course;
  • a $150 per day for facilitator if one is requested;
  • Instructor Fee $2250 for a One-Day course and $4500 for a Two-Day course; and
  • Instructor’s direct travel expenses, including but not limited to, transportation, lodging and meals or up to $75/day meal per diem to be reimbursed to the Council.
  • Participate in Council promotions and honor commissions to 3rd parties earned through various efforts. 

  • Plus other out of pocket expenses of the Council such as, but not limited to, sending course materials, supplements, and rosters.

    The Per Student and Instructor Fees are due within five (5) days after completion of the course, with the class roster. Reimbursable expenses are due five (5) days after receipt of invoice from the Council. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed on any balance that is unpaid 45 days after the class. CRS Designation credit and local continuing education credit may not be able to be issued as well if the roster is received after 45 days.

    (see full terms and conditions below)