Course Scheduling and Booking Process

How to License One-Day and Two-Day Courses

  1. Review the one-day and two-day CRS Course offerings and identify which ones you would like to host for the upcoming year.
  2. Consider your preferences for potential course dates and Certified Instructors.
  3. Complete the online Course Request Form.
    • Be prepared to provide information such as: Course Name, Course Date Preferences, Instructor Preferences, Facility, Contact Person, On-site Administrator, and Pricing.
    • If you have an existing log in for you will be prompted to log in to your account to complete the form. If you are new to the organization and have not booked a class with us before, you will be able to create an account in our system. (Please take note of the email address and password you use, you will need those to log back in to before your class is held.)
    • The Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the form serves as your licensing agreement with RRC. Please read before checking the box; you will have the opportunity to obtain a copy of your contract via
    • A $250 course licencing fee is due upon submission of the request; please have a credit card ready at check out.
    • You will receive an order confirmation and a payment receipt via email upon submission of the form.
  4. Instructor Approved: Once your selected instructor accepts the assignment, you will receive an email confirming the instructor as well as providing information on how to access information about your class online via
  5. My Course Requests: Use this portal page to view any 2019 classes you have requested or booked. Log in to, click My Dashboard and use the Dashboard column on the left to navigate to My Course Requests. Available on this page are each class's licensing agreement, class status, the Class Roster (if using our registration system), update your form, or use the Document Exchange feature.
  6. Document Exchange: Click the Add/View button under Document Exchange to obtain the class materials:
    • A PDF of the student guide
    • Electronic Roster Template in Excel (which must be used to submit participant names at the conclusion of class)
    • Marketing flyer template
    • PDF of the student exam (only to be used in the case of technology failure with the online exam)
    • PDF of the instructor exam (which includes the answers to the exam should the paper copy need to be utilized; use the instructor exam to grade the paper exams and send back to RRC staff via the Document Exchange).
    • Sample Course budget sheet (for one day or two day class)
  7. Email Reminders: Four to six weeks prior to class, you will continue to receive automated email reminders from our system as your class approaches about promoting the class.
  8. Day of the Course: be sure to use an on-site administrator for student registration/check-in. Be sure to keep an accurate record of everyone who attends the course; attendance tracking impacts credit given to participants upon completion.
  9. Online exam and evaluation: The course instructor and on-site administrator must administer the online course exam and evaluation to participants at the end of class. Information on how to administer both will be sent to you 5 days prior to class via our automated email system.
  10. Roster Submission: within  5 days of the completion of the class, use the Document Exchange feature connected to this class to submit the completed roster (using the supplied template) which matches those who attended the class and completed the online exam. Note: pdf or handwritten roster submissions are NO LONGER ACCEPTED.
  11. Invoicing: submit payment for royalty fees owed to the Council ($60/student for two-day courses and $30/student for one-day courses). 

Elective Course Accreditation

Want to submit an existing course for CRS Designation Maintenance Credit consideration?

To renew accreditation for a previously approved course, complete the Elective Credit Program Agreement Addendum.

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