Become a REAP Instructor

Bring the training used by top residential real estate agents to your country as a Certified REAP Instructor with our International Education Partner program.

As a recognized leader in residential real estate education, RRC has designed a program to provide international residential real estate practitioners with the systems and strategies used by successful residential real estate sales agents. REAP is managed by Global Partners and taught in countries outside the United States by a qualified, certified instructors who satisfy the following minimum requirements.

To become certified to teach REAP for your country:
  • You must have previous teaching experience in a professional setting
  • You must be fluent in English
  • You must complete the 4 Courses that constitute the REAP Program-Business Planning, Marketing, Negotiations, and Working with Clients. Additionally it is recommend you supplement your education by participating in 2 online courses Creating Value for Your Clients and Putting Technology to Work for Your Clients
  • Must attend and complete REAP's International Train-the-Trainer program
  • Must be sponsored/recommended by an established entity, for example: an international real estate company or allied industry business, education foundation, or university)
For more details about becoming a REAP instructor, please contact us directly via email.