Lee Barrett, CRS


Lee Barrett, CRS

is a second generation real estate broker and president/owner of his family-owned practice which was established over 55 years ago. Having more than 38 years of real estate experience, Barrett is a practicing real estate agent/broker in the Las Vegas market and continues to stay active and keeps his finger on the pulse of real estate. During his career he has been a top listing agent averaging more than 150 listings a year.

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Las Vegas, NV

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My Testimonials

"Mr. Barrett teaches with passion and wisdom. Every real estate professional should take a class with him."

-Johanna Vicente, Miami, FL

"Instructor was very good! Great explanations and shared awesome experiences"

-Teri Jackson, San Angelo, TX

"Thoroughly enjoyed this class! Full of relevant information well presented by an excellent instructor."

-Shari Ellis, Raleigh, NC