Juanita McDowell


Juanita McDowell

is the President of InMotion Consulting, LLC. Juanita takes pride in her ability to simplify technology so that the average person can understand how and why to use it. Each year Juanita travels the country and Canada, delivering courses, keynotes and workshops. 

She has an engineering degree and was radio show host for Real Estate for Real Life on WCLK.

Juanta is a "Cool Geek" — with a passion for talking you down from that scary techno ledge.

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My Testimonials

"Juanita was one of the best instructors I have ever had!!! She is the excellent and dynamic!!"

-Janet Mitchell, Aspen, CO

"I was absolutely blown away by this CRS course taught by the charismatic, Juanita McDowell. I didn't really know what to expect, but it far surpassed anything I could have guessed. It was educational, entertaining, FUN, terrifying and absolutely what I needed to learn to get my business and personal life in order to be safe in the cyber world. We all left with action plans, ready to tighten up our business practices. PLEASE have Juanita teach wherever you can / whenever you can. This class should be a requirement of every new broker and a mandatory annual update! Thank you!"

-Didi Doolittle, Vail, CO