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View this free RRC Member Benefit two-part webinar recorded series with Sher Powers, CRS on wealth building. Wealth Building for Investor Clients and Yourself: Life-Mapping recorded on August 16, 2016. Wealth Building for Investor Clients and Yourself: Tool Kit for Success recorded on August 17, 2016.

What to Expect Life-Mapping ...

The first webinar recording specifically covers the life-mapping tool that can be utilized to create short and long-term plans for investor clients that can be measured, with a goal of establishing life-long loyalty and market recognition as the go-to expert for referrals. The simple, but powerful process will be explained and demonstrated in 50 minutes.

What to Expect Tool Kit for Success ...

After establishing client goals in the first webinar recording, the next step for providing service for real estate investors is to be the connector for needed services and resources and then promote the agent as an expert in providing real estate investing services. This segment will provide a recommended toolkit of resources for investor clients and instruct agents on where to find the information they need, along with problem solving tools for client's specific needs. The successful agent will determine their desired client profile, and attract them through marketing to peers for referrals (even within their own market) and social media.

Meet Sher ...

Sher Powers, CRS has participated in over 400 renovations for rental and resale for her clients and partnerships, owns rental property, and coaches building retirement wealth through real estate investing for clients and Realtors. She has established a niche business working with a variety of residential real estate investors in Nashville, TN and owns a small firm, Urbane Residential Specialists, LLC. Sher recently participated as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for National Association of REALTORS® new REBAC course for real estate investing, due fall 2016.

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