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View the free RRC Week webinar, Supercharge Your Referral Business, with Lisa Fettner, recorded on August 24, 2015.

What to Expect
Most CRS know that referrals represent a great source of revenue -- but are you truly maximizing EVERY referral opportunity? Lisa Fettner from ReferralExchange will give you 65 referral tips that can help you build a strategy to increase your referral business -- and make the most of the RRC network!

Meet Lisa
Lisa Fettner, is VP of Marketing at ReferralExchange. Previously, Lisa was at Technology Credit Union, World Savings/Wachovia Bank, and several software and advertising companies. She has extensive experience in marketing, lead generation and brand building in the real estate, mortgage, financials services, and technology sectors. She has a B.A. in Communications from UC Berkeley. Lisa's hobbies include volunteering and traveling the world in search of the best chocolate.

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