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View the Free RRC Member Benefit webinar recording, Post THIS Not THAT, with Marcie Roggow, CRS, recorded on November 16, 2017.

What to Expect
It seems like every state is reviewing its advertising laws, especially as they relate to teams, and the Code of Ethics Article 12 has always been the paramount advertising compliance policy. Sometimes the state and code don't match, so it's imperative to know the difference and which one you should follow. By creating the right format in the first place for all of your posts, you can stay on the right side of the law! Because most promotion is currently done online, it's important to know the guidelines for compliance. More and more boards have instituted citations for bad posts, and many states are fining agents, especially when they don't use a company name in the post! In addition, many of the the companies selling lead-generation and advertising products to agents don't have any idea what the rules are, so the templates that they provide are not in compliance. Marcie will discuss the questions to ask these companies, plus she will show you what NOT to post and compare it to the correct way.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Compare problematic social media posts and ads to the requirements of article 12 of the Code of Ethics and state laws
  • Evaluate how to make your ads compliant. Examine options for suppliers selling lead-generation systems, etc.
  • Create templates that can be used to avoid problems

Meet Marcie
Marcie Roggow, CRS, "knows a thing or two-cause she's see a thing or two" over her 44 years as a REALTORĀ®. A Charter CRS, Marcie has been active in the Council since it's beginning. Her PASSION as a trainer has always been in Professionalism, Compliance, and Ethics. When Article 12 of the Code was enhanced to guide REALTORSĀ® in their advertising she became the lightning rod for teaching compliance.

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