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Negotiation Tactics: How Eager is too Eager?

View the FREE RRC Member's Benefit webinar recording, Negotiation Tactics: How Eager is too Eager?, with Tonyeil Spencer, CRS, recorded on July 27, 2016.

What to Expect ...
This webinar recording is designed to assist you in becoming strategic negotiators by giving you the tools necessary to quickly discern strengths and weaknesses of both sides, obtain tools necessary to avoid "no-win" situations, find common ground and learn when aggressive negotiations are effective. This webinar recording will help agents to increase profitability by getting more transactions to the closing table through skillful negotiations.

After attending this webinar recording, you will be able to ...
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of buyers or sellers
  • Find common ground to better negotiate for your client
  • Drive your client's agenda without polarizing the parties

Meet Tonyeil ...
Tonyeil Spencer, CRS, has 23 years of being in the real estate field, Tonyeil has worked with a wide variety of industries and market segments, and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Tonyeil has completed advanced educational requirements to acquire industry specific credentials and designations, the tools necessary to succeed in today's market. The value she brings to a transaction is her knowledge and unique perspective of the needs that prospective homeowners face in today's competitive and challenging marketplace.

With CRS webinar recording you will have access to:
  • The recording of the live webinar to view on demand
  • A recording of the webinar compatible with your Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet PC
  • A PDF of the webinar slides
  • The audio only MP3 files from the webinar
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Starts: 7/27/2016
Ends: 12/31/2020
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