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The Good. The Bad. The Drama. Secrets to a Successful Real Estate Career

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Have you ever attended a dinner party where another guest states something to the effect of "You're job is easy. All you do is drive around and look at houses all day." Of course, the truth is that viewing homes is such a small part of what agents do every day. In order to keep business booming and the sales pipeline full, the real estate agent's day is filled with all sorts of time-consuming activities—from prospecting and marketing to contract writing. But, most of all, we spend lots of time solving other people's problems. Join us for an exciting, brand new webinar where we will discuss best real estate practices to keep agents on the right track to continued closings no matter the market, with handy tips on how to keep "the drama" at bay.

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Starts: 6/12/2019
Ends: 12/31/2023
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