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Using D-I-S-C Profiles for Real Estate Team Roles
When leading and building your team, is your Leadership style one-size-fits-all? Or is there a way we can understand each individual, and modify the way we lead him or her so that we get maximum results in the shortest amount of time? We can also take this same knowledge to make sure that we have the right individuals in the right roles! Or maybe you don't feel like your 'team machine' is firing on all cylinders - it might be time to identify the natural tendencies and behaviors of each team member and lead and motivate them the way THEY want to lead and be motivated. Greater results starts with the leader. This webinar will help you lead rather than manage by speaking the language of your team member and understanding which role is a behavioral match. This will also aid in making great hires and avoiding the pitfalls of a bad hire.
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Starts: 1/12/2017
Ends: 12/31/2020
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Raejean Christopher
Chandler, AZ United States