Probate Specialist Certification

Probate Specialist Certification

The Probate Specialist Certification program is designed to help agents learn the probate basics so they can more effectively speak with clients and guide them through the process of listing their home or buying a home. It focuses on helping agents maintain neutrality by putting them through common contentious situations and exercises with a focus on helping them develop techniques to prevent potential disaster moments.

After successfully completing this one-day course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the probate process, including misconceptions and those who are involved
  • Navigate through the sale of property owned in conservatorship or living trust
  • Determine the impact revocable vs. irrevocable trust has on the process
  • Communicate more effectively with individuals involved in the process
  • Address potential objections/concerns buyers may have regarding properties in probate
  • Effectively promote themselves as a specialist and begin developing their niche

Requirements for Certification

Residential Real Estate Probate Specialist Class- 8 hours


Price varies per live course offering.

Get Certified

Once you have completed all of the necessary course requirements you will earn the certification noted above. you will receive a certificate of completion and access to the logos to be used in your marketing and advertising. Should you have any questions or if you encounter any issues or delays, please email so that we can best assist.

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