Real Estate CE Courses Ohio
Total Hours Required: 30
Education Due By: 3 years from last renewal
Elective Hours: 21
Mandatory Hours: 9
License Level: All
Renewal Cycle: 3 years


Online Limitations:

There are no limits on the number of CE hours allowed to be taken online.

Online Info:

Licensees are required to submit to the Ohio Real Estate Commission proof of completing 30 hours of continuing education every three years due on or before the licensee’s date of birth. Nine hours must be dedicated to the following topics: 3 hours in Core Law, 3 hours in Ethics, and 3 hours in Civil Rights.

To renew, licensees must log-in to the Ohio Real Estate Commission licensing system online and follow the prompts.

Pre-license and post-license education may not be used for continuing education.

Note: Each licensee who is seventy years of age or older, shall submit proof the licensee has satisfactorily completed a total of nine classroom hours of continuing education, including instruction in Ohio real estate law; federal civil rights law; and canons of ethics.

It is the responsibility of the licensee to send us copies of the certificates that are issued to them with the Continuing Education Compliance Form to the Division postmarked no later than their birthday the year of their renewal.

No Final Exam Passing Requirement


Roster Required: Yes

Roster Process: Rosters are submitted electronically daily. To ensure that your CE is reported in a timely and error-free manner, your real estate license number MUST be entered in our system in the following format: SALXXXXXX BRKXXXXXX

Licensees are required to submit copies of their continuing education certificates with their renewal in order to receive credit for the courses that they have taken.  The submission of course rosters do not replace this process.

Roster Sent: Every 1 day

CE Approved Courses:

All courses listed are Initially approved. *Each course instance is required to be individually approved at time of offering.

Due to state rules, any student attending a CE approved course outside the state of Ohio, please contact RRC at to confirm that the Ohio licensing board is notified of your participation which will insure that CE credit is granted.

Approved for 13 hours
Business Planning & Marketing for the Residential Specialist (RS 200), Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist (RS 201), Effective Buyer Sales Strategies (RS 202), Financing Solutions to Close the Deal (RS 205)

Approved for 12.5 hours 
Buying and Selling Income Properties (RS 204), Building An Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business (RS 210) 

Approved for 12 hours
Technologies to Advance Your Business (RS 206)

Approved for 6.5 hours
Converting Leads Into Closings (RS 120), Win-Win Negotiation Techniques (RS 121),  Building A Team To Grow Your Business (RS 122),  Mastering Relevant, Consumer-Focused Marketing (RS 123), Turning New Homes Into Ongoing Revenue (RS 124), 7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently:  A Proven Business System (RS 126), Succession Planning:  Building, Valuing,and Selling Your Business (RS 127), Succeeding in the Luxury Home Market (RS 128), How Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business (RS 130), Top of Mind Techniques to Boost Your Brand (RS 133), Power Up on Smart Home Technologies (RS 134), Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional (RS 136). 

Approved for 6 hours
Transforming Difficult Situations Into Profitable Deals (RS 135)

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