Real Estate CE Courses Nebraska
Total Hours Required: 18
Education Due By: 11/30/2018
Elective Hours: 12
Mandatory Hours: 6
License Level: All
Renewal Cycle: 2 years


Online Limitations:

The Nebraska Real Estate Commission requires that an online course must be completed within a year of enrollment.

There are no limits to the number of hours allowed to be taken online.

Online Info:

The total education requirement for all active licensees is 18 hours every two years. Of that 18 hours, at least 12 hours must be in approved continuing education (CE) with 6 hours in designated subject matter, "R" courses. The remaining 6 hours may be in training approved by the licensee's broker that has been recognized by the Commission or may be in additional approved CE activity. 

Licensees may substitute CE activities for all or part of the 6 hours of the allowed broker-approved Training. Consult your broker with regard to broker-approved training opportunities. Please note: While CE activities will meet the broker-approved training requirement the reverse is NOT true; broker-approved training will NOT meet the CE requirement.


Roster Required: Yes

Roster Process: Rosters are uploaded every Monday. During high volume periods, such as near renewal deadlines, they will be submitted daily. Licensees are required to send a copy of their certificates with their renewal form, this is their obligation. It is advised that certificates are submitted to the board as they are received. **If you need or want the roster submitted earlier than the scheduled date, there is a $10 rush fee for that service.**

Roster Sent: Every 7 days 

CE Approved Courses:

Approved for 6 hours:
Win-Win Negotiation Techniques (RS 121), Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist (RS 201), Financing Solutions to Close the Deal (RS 205), Technologies to Advance Your Business (RS 206) 

Approved for 3 hours:
Effective Buyer Sales Strategies (RS 202)

Approved for 12 hours of elective credit:
Buying and Selling Income Properties (RS 204)

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