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Real Estate CE Courses Connecticut
Total Hours Required: 12
Education Due By: 05/31/2022
Elective Hours: 9
Mandatory Hours: 3
License Level: Sales Agent
Renewal Cycle: 2 years

CE Approved Courses

Approved as a School/Provider in this state only.  No courses currently approved for the Council. 

Effective March 16, 2020, All live classroom offerings are CE approved for the live-virtual format.

General Information

Online Limitations

No limitations on the number of CE hours that may be taken online.

Online Info

All license holders must complete CE prior to every even-year renewal. You are only exempt if you PASSED A CONNECTICUT LICENSING EXAM during the CE period. The CE completion for 2020 renewal is 6/1/2020-5/31/2022 for Salespersons and 4/1/2020-3/31/2022 for Brokers. You may not apply any CE that was utilized for a previous license period to the current CE cycle. 

The CE courses shall consist of the following:

Complete 12 Hours of Continuing Education courses from an approved school. Only courses completed after March 31, 2020 for brokers, and May 31, 2020 for Salespersons will count toward the 2022 requirement (provided the courses were not already applied toward a previous year’s requirement). If you took the 2020 requirements late, you may NOT apply those courses again toward 2022.

The courses shall consist of the following:

1) Two Three hour 2022 mandatory courses—(both are required):
CT Real Estate Agency Law Review & Fair Housing I CT Real Estate Agency Law Review & Fair Housing 2
2) Six hours of real estate elective courses.

For detailed information regarding the continuing education required to renew your real estate license, please visit the DCP website.

No Final Exam Passing Requirement


Roster Required: Yes

Roster Process: Rosters are submitted electronically every Wednesday. During high volume periods, such as near renewal deadlines, they will be submitted daily. **If you need or want the roster submitted earlier than the scheduled date, there is a $10 rush fee for that service.**

Roster Sent: Every 7 days 

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