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The Residential Real Estate Council offers lifecycle, agent-to-agent learning spanning the career of the residential real estate agent.

The Council's education is recognized as the best in the industry and includes live classroom courses, self-paced eLearning, live and on-demand webinars, videos and articles.

Featured Education

Smart Home Certification
  • Credit Type:  CRS Course, eLearning, and Webinar
  • Credit Hours: 12

Smart Home Certification demonstrates to buyers and sellers that you are dedicated to developing expertise about the technology, privacy issues, and best transition tactics to help with a smart home sale. Earn it by taking a combination of courses in the Smart Home field.

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 Learning Domains

Working With Buyers

Topics include marketing to buyers, communication techniques, and referrals.

Working With Sellers

Topics include listing strategies, negotiation techniques, pricing, and open houses.

Personal Development

Topics include hiring assistants, coaching, business planning, and productivity.

Growth & Operations

Topics include systems, managing client relationships, team building, and time management.


In this dynamic online course, learn to apply advanced techniques for remaining top of mind with your spheres of influence.

Credit Type: CRS Course

Credit Hours:  2

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Creative Real Estate Financing

Help your clients buy the home of their dreams and navigate through the complex finance options they have available to them.

See what  FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, non-banking loans, and down payment assistance programs could offer your clients today.

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