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Education: Many Ways to Run Your Business: Perspective from Four Rock Stars - Panel

Kim Cameron, CRS
Kim Kantrow, CRS (Panelist)
Fara Captain, CRS (Panelist)
Joseph Newman, CRS (Panelist) & James Martin, CRS (Panelist)

Hear from four top agents with four very different business models in four different parts of the country. ALL four will be sharing their top tools, tips and scripts for success. Listen to how they... Learn more»

Education: Your SuperFresh Video Strategy - Workshop

Leigh Brown, CRS

Whether you've made zero videos or a thousand-you need a fresh content strategy to get the juices flowing again! You'll leave this session with... Learn more»

Education: Handling Seller Pricing Objections

Carl Medford, CRS

Agents who go on listing appointments know it doesn't take long for the topic of online valuations to emerge. Before meeting with an agent, you can almost guarantee that... Learn more»

Education: Graphic Design and Branding for Every Agent - Workshop

Alison Wisnom, CRS

This hands-on, interactive session will first teach some principles of graphic design and branding, and then partner agents together to evaluate the... Learn more»

Education: Steal These Ideas! Original, Inexpensive and Creative Ideas to Grow Your Business

John Young, CRS

This session will help you discover new, fun and impactful ways to grow your business. John Young will share best practices and unique ideas which... Learn more»

Education: Negotiating Quips & Tips

Angela Burdick, CRS

Quips & Tips for Becoming a Better Negotiator. Discover the Process for Achieving More Positive Results in... Learn more»

Education: How to Be an Amazing Referral Partner

D'Ann Melnick, CRS

Made a ton of new connections at a CRS event and want to grow your agent referral business? What is the next step to working this... Learn more»

Education: Take your Commission to 50 Schedule E's

Mick Burke, CRS

How to build your Investment Real Estate Portfolio into 50 different properties or more. Make passive income from... Learn more»

Education: Creating a Sticky Culture To Recruit and Retain Top Agents

Aaron Zapata, CRS

Real Estate is ever changing and Brokers, Owners, and Team Leaders are under more pressure than ever to recruit and retain top agents. In this presentation, we will... Learn more»

Education: Story Telling and Content Production That Captivates

Lloyd Fox, CRS

The consumer world loves story telling and humanizing content. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube know how important it is to... Learn more»

Education: Greatest Salesman - Do you have what it takes?

Kim Knapp, CRS

There are behaviors and skills every great salesman shares. This session dials deep in on those. We need to change our mindset before we can... Learn more»

Education: Master Goal Setting: Achieve Results Business and Life

Jennifer MacLay, CRS

We will discuss the process of setting goals and learning how to apply them in our business and our personal life. We will play... Learn more»

Education: Risk Management in Today's Real Estate Climate

Eric Spitz

The best Realtors know how to mitigate risk for themselves and their clients while still doing the due diligence it takes to stay out of court. Stop by this fun and interactive presentation to discover... Learn more»

Education: Communicating Your Value

Chance Brown, CRS

In a world of downward commission pressure and increased transparency into agent compensation, it is important for agents to be able to... Learn more»

Education: Find A Niche And Get Rich™ - Workshop

Waylon Chavez, CRS

In this intense highly valuable session we will assist attendees in becoming laser-focused and clear on who their niche is so they can... Learn more»

Education: Civic Marketing: 5 Ways to Weave Yourself into the Fabric of Your Community

Katie Clancy, CRS

If real estate agents could be replaced by tech it would have happened a long time ago. Humanity is the differentiator, and the best way to... Learn more»

Education: Creating Multiple Income Streams to Accelerate Your Success

Khoi Le, CRS

Building multiple income streams can accelerate your real estate career into the next level. Learn how to... Learn more»

Education: Elevate Your Role as a REALTOR®: Being of Service vs. Selling - Panel

Tracy Freeman, CRS
Alison Wisnom, CRS
Heather Elias, CRS

We have long heard the idea of handling objections. It's time to flip that script. We are proving a service not being a servant to our clients. Always stay one step ahead of... Learn more»

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