Thursday, February 9

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Are You Ready to Handle the Ups & Downs of the Changing Real Estate Market?


Accepted! 7 Proven Strategies to Get Your Offer Accepted

Ever have an offer to purchase not accepted? Ever wonder what you could have done differently? In any market, getting a buyers offer accepted is more about strategy than anything else. Learn 7 key strategies including gaining the right mindset as a negotiator, leveraging today's technology and new spins on old tactics. Experience techniques that will increase your buyer loyalty and drive additional referral business. Discover how to navigate the conversation you should have with the listing agent to put your buyers in the best position of getting their contingent offer accepted. Your chance for success goes up for every persuasive strategy you involve in your offer. And very often it’s not just the price that establishes the winner. Usually, it is about the offer as a whole, the inclusive tone of the negotiation, and what offer the seller trusts is the best for their home and personal situation.

Secrets to Using YouTube for Amazingly Effective Lead Generation

In this session, you’ll learn why YouTube is the best platform you probably aren’t using. YouTube is an evergreen strategy, making it so much more effective than social media at reaching prospects who don’t already know you and it only compounds over time. After this high energy and motivating session, you will stop procrastinating and make video a part of your marketing strategy.

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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Sharpening your Tools!

This is a different market today than a year ago. In this session, you'll hear from two national speakers and top selling realtors share how they have adjusted swiftly, increased marketing and "upped their game" to compete at higher level in any market. Kim Cameron (St. Louis, MO) will discuss top tips, scripts and tools to compete in any market and thrive beyond your competition. Bring your tablets, pen and notepads. This will be a fast paced session loaded with content you can immediately implement into your already busy schedule and successful business.

How to Get FREE Media Exposure for Your Real Estate Business and Make More Money

Yes, social media is a good way to spread your real estate brand and connect with those buyers and sellers you so desperately want to connect with, but don't forget the power of TV, Radio, and Podcasts. When you tap into the audiences of those media sources, it helps propel your real estate business to the next level. Media sources are always looking for guests to share valuable content on their shows, so why not get in front of them and show them what you have to share and help your real estate business grow and create a brand that is bound to stand out from your competition?

New Year, New You? Creating Your Own Definition of Success

Goals. Resolutions. Plans. Regardless of what you call them, you need to make more than a list of things you want to accomplish; you need a strategy. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish (thanks, Benjamin Franklin!). However, you also need to have more than business on the brain -- you need to think about you. In this session, we'll discuss making smarter goals, having a plan to set the process in motion, checking in with yourself along the way, and setting yourself up, not just for success but for happiness. We'll discuss where you should prioritize your mental health (hint: at the top!) and how to run a business in this fast-paced industry without losing sight of your personal needs. Whether your goals are personal or professional -- or both -- how you work toward them (and think about them) matters and can affect your probability of success.

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3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

So You Think The Grass Is Greener: Resort Market Real Estate

A panel discussion lead by Mark Gordon discussing the Resort and 2nd homes 'destination' markets...


Why do people really buy anything? Whether you sell houses, shoes, tacos, or thumbtacks - the answer is always the same. In this session, we take a look at the science behind what motivates our customers, and what that means for our business. You’ll never think about selling (or buying) the same way again. Come prepared to participate and get involved! You'll leave with tactics you can implement right away. 

4 Steps Top Real Estate Agents Use To Organize Their Business...and Win Back Time While Increasing Profits!

Organizing your Business Systems: Creating a Framework that Builds Freedom and Wealth renamed to 4 Steps Top Real Estate Agents Use To Organize Their Business...and win back time while increasing profits! OVERVIEW “I regret organizing my house!” . . . said No One EVER. Yet why is it that Real Estate Agents are some of the worst procrastinators when it comes to organizing their business and their lives which will save them time AND make them more money? 🙈🙈 A streamlined system will finally get you on that road to being an organized and even more successful agent! Wouldn’t it be great to: 💻Fix that messy desktop and be able to FIND your pictures, documents, files and folders on ANY device or computer? For ease of files and better collaboration with your team, clients and even your family! ✉️To have ALL your client information in ONE PLACE and be able to add, edit or update a client's info ANYWHERE and it automatically updates it everywhere? (Including your CRM…) 🥳To have all your devices and computers SYNC and talk to each other? 🗂️To finally be able to EASILY keep in touch with your past, current and future clients in an automated system? …take this as a sign that it is finally time to get organized. 🍾 Get everything in your digital life and business organized ... and then keep it that way… Our clients consistently save up to 10 hours a week and make 100's of thousands of dollars more without doing things they hate, while freeing up time to spend with family and friends. TOP LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER: Why your complicated setup of your systems and a messy desktop is such a time waster...and the simple process we use to fix it... Why ONE email address is better than many... How an unorganized system could be costing you $117,000 per client... Why you don't (and shouldn't) have to enter your data into multiple systems... How a simple 4 steps can save you 10+ hours a week & get you back the clients you have neglected... AND... how to do ALL of this even if you aren't techy! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? Do you secretly feel so disorganized, that your stuff is scattered all over the place, you can’t find anything, your stress level is over the top and you panic often? Do you feel like you are always chasing NEW business while neglecting your past clients? Do you feel like you keep paying for lead gen, ads, etc...yet nothing really works? Do you want to spend more time with your partner, spouse, kids, friends and family but you are working all the time? Do you keep trying different software hoping this will be the magic one where all your tech problems disappear? Do you feel like you are never going to ‘get it’, never be organized, never know how to keep up? You just feel more and more frustrated? Are you embarrassed that you aren’t keeping in touch with past clients? Are you overwhelmed with working so hard trying to find new clients you ignore your old ones and burning yourself out? Are you frustrated because you know you are losing out on deals due to lack of systems but have no idea where to even start to fix them? Do you hate door knocking, cold calling and pop-byes? This topic is ALWAYS relevant..... discover 4 steps that will make you happier, healthier, less stressed and way more streamlined! Stop pulling your hair out.

Top 5 Disaster Legal Real Estate Issues

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Friday, February 10

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Assumable Loans

Discuss assumable loans, how they work, and how Realtors can help buyer/sellers use them to buy/sell a home.

Is This Thing On? How To Communicate So Your Clients Can Hear You

Why do some clients get it and others struggle with the same message? How can one partner get all the information they need from you but the other seems confused? When working with people, you need to be able to understand communication styles and how to adapt to be sure you can connect with anyone, especially in a service business. Participants learn the primary communication styles and how to recognize effective ways to adapt to each communication style need. Participants will have the opportunity to take a Communication DNA discovery (12 questions that will get them a report of their own primary communication style) either before or after the event. This is a scientifically validated discovery based on behavioral science research and while it takes 5 minutes to complete, the results last a lifetime. Key Takeaways: 1. Participants will be able to identify their own primary communication style 2. Participants will be able to identify communication styles of others 3. Participants will be able to adapt their style to meet needs of others What people have said about this presentation: “I have heard similar presentations, but this one resonated with me with the different examples and visuals that was provided. I became very aware of my own communication style and an understanding of the needs of others with different styles.” The presentation will help me reflect and continue to verify how I communicate with everyone that I interact with for work.

26+ Ways to Get Listings, Buyers, and Referrals

Buckle up and get ready for a firehose of ideas and examples in this session that will share ways to earn more opportunities to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers. Having the proper “Attitude” is where it all starts but after that, you can choose which of these tried and tested ways to capture more business will work for your market and style of business.

DEI Session TBD

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11:45 AM - 11:30 AM

Generating Organic Referrals

Join the Captains to gain insight into how they support each other at their brokerage while growing their individual spheres through organic referrals. This class will give you some fresh ideas for ways that a Brokerage can support their REALTORS in generating Organic Referrals. From utilizing fresh ideas for pop-by gifts and receiving vendor referrals to combined client events these ladies have been working together to build their real estate empires. This class also provides a strategy on when and how to set up events for the best results. Whether you are a solo REALTOR, a team, or a Brokerage looking for quality REALTOR Engagement, this class is for you!

REALTOR Safety is NO Joke

As a former police officer and a real estate veteran of 36 years, Janet shares very insightful advice regarding the potential dangerous situations we put ourselves into on a daily basis. High energy format so REALTORS will become more aware of their circumstances, learn new business practices to use and suggestions when working with buyers and sellers.

Redefining Your Value Proposition in Today's Market

In a shifting market, the opportunity to share our value proposition is often missed. Are you a technical REALTOR or a service REALTOR? Refine or define your value proposition so you are able to succinctly share your level of professionalism and expertise with your clients and others.

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2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

PRIME THE PUMP! Building an Income Stream and Future Sales through Rentals

Tenants become buyers and landlords become sellers. Build the relationship before they ever need you by servicing their rental needs. Build a system within your business that minimizes the headaches of rentals and focuses on the life long Realtor relationship. An added value income stream that will deliver income in up markets and down markets.  Develop your business around the level of the market you want to serve. I will share my qualification, showing and processing systems developed over the past 10 years that have produced a viable business model delivering profit and future sales. Documents include a terms of service agreement to ensure all understand the "rules of the game" prior to engagement. Learn this simple after lease closing system that will keep them calling you for EVERYTHING real estate related.

Running a Team - Ask us Anything!

In this session, you get two for the price of one! Two top selling real estate team leaders, Kim Cameron (St. Louis, MO) and Alex Milshteyn (Ann Arbor, MI) will share how they run their team, grow their business, adjust in changing markets and continue to perform year over year no matter the interest rates, stock market or crazy pandemics that come their way. Ask Anything! Truly, this is a "go behind the scenes" session where Kim and Alex will be transparent about their business and share at a high level. What they do! How they do it! What works! Systems! and beyond....If you have a team or thinking of building one, this is a session you won't want to miss.

Mental Fitness for Real Estate Professionals

As real estate professionals, it is vital to keep your mind in shape just as much as your body. The stresses of the job can take a toll on your mental health, so it is important to be proactive in maintaining your well-being. Mental Fitness for Real Estate Professionals is a one-of-a-kind workshop for Real Estate Professionals to teach them how to protect their mental health by improving their focus, how to say no, and prioritize to achieve work-life harmony. It includes tips for managing stress, setting goals, and staying motivated. Whether you're just starting or have years of experience, this program will help you strike the right balance between work and life.

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3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Serving Clients with Special Needs

In this session, John will review tips and best practices to ensure attendees serve and protect the best interests of their special needs clientele. Discussion will touch on a variety of special needs clients including the elderly. Specific 'real life' examples will be covered which attendees can implement into their businesses immediately.

Creating Clients for Life After the Transaction Ends

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Titans of Real Estate: Sports Psychologies Translated to Real Estate Sales Success

L - Learn the keys to success from elite athletes and coaches at the highest level. A - Apply the Psychology of Winning to your everyday real estate business activity. P- Plan like a Pro – win the game before you step on the battlefield. S - Score early and often – always look for the "close". Doing LAPS: Practice makes the Performance.

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