• Classroom Course

    Building a Team to Grow Your Business

    CRS Course: RS122 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    Even the most talented and dedicated agents have limits on what they can accomplish alone. To take your business to the next level once you've reached a plateau, you'll need to hire some help. Whether you are a solo more
  • Classroom Course

    Succession Planning: Building, Valuing, and Selling Your Business

    CRS Course: RS127 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    Creating strong business and succession/retirement plans requires a careful analysis of the market, valuation of your business, the ability to select appropriate selling strategies, and building a long-term referral more
  • Classroom Course

    Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals (CRS 103)

    CRS Course: RS103 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    Being successful isn’t just about selling more homes or serving more clients. It’s also about effectively managing your business so that you also can devote time to your personal life. This CRS One-Day Course will more
  • Classroom Course

    7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently: A Proven Business System

    CRS Course: RS126 (8 Credits)
    This course demonstrates those things that successful agents do different from the average agent. It gives specific strategies and marketing systems to move their business to the next stage of success both more
  • Classroom Course

    How Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business

    CRS Course: RS130 (8 Credits)
    Technology has revolutionized the ways we live, shop, socialize, entertain, access information, and conduct business in the modern world. Powered by the Internet, cloud-based tools, social media, and mobile apps, more
  • Classroom Course

    Win-Win Negotiation Techniques

    CRS Course: RS121 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    To successfully represent and satisfy their customers, agents must be effective negotiators. In fact, the most recent NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports that 87% of buyers identified negotiation skills as a more
  • Classroom Course

    Converting Leads Into Closings

    CRS Course: RS120 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    Whether you are a new agent building your business or an established agent keeping your database fresh, maintaining a flow of potential customers is crucial to your success. Attracting leads is key, but if you don’t more
  • Classroom Course

    Mastering Relevant, Consumer-Focused Marketing

    CRS Course: RS123 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    The Internet has changed the consumer decision process by admitting more vendors into the market for any good or service and allowing consumers to provide feedback on their experiences via reviews websites and social more
  • Classroom Course

    Turning New Homes Into Ongoing Revenue

    CRS Course: RS124 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    Today's housing market is plagued by low inventory. The solution? Add more homes. Builders and developers will be filling the void. The Commerce Department announced that at 1.21 million starts, construction of more
  • Classroom Course

    Succeeding in the Luxury Home Market

    CRS Course: RS128 (8 Credits) | CE Credit
    The Luxury Homes Course is designed to assist real estate professionals in developing the market expertise and savvy customer service skills necessary for success in the luxury home market. This course focuses on more
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