Win-Win Negotiation Techniques

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CRS Course
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AK (8 Hrs.), CO (8), DC (8 Hrs.), DE (8 hr. Module 6 & 7), FL (8 Hrs.), GA (7.5 Hrs.), IA (8), ID (Accepted for 7.5 hrs.), IL (3 Hrs.), IN (8), KS (8), KY (8 Hrs.), ME (6 Hrs.), MS (8 Hrs.), MT (6), NC (4), NE (6 Hrs), NJ (8 Hrs.), NV (8 Hrs.), OH (6.5 Hrs.), OK (8 Hrs.), OR (7.5 Hrs.), RI (8), SD (8), TN (8 Hrs.), UT (8 Hrs.), VA (8 Hrs.), VT (4), WA (8 Hrs.), WI (6), WY (8 Hrs.)

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To successfully represent and satisfy their customers, agents must be effective negotiators. In fact, the most recent NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports that 87% of buyers identified negotiation skills as a very important quality for their real estate agents. Since another key element of success is developing and sustaining relationships, agents must consider not only the outcome of a negotiation but also their rapport with the other party. This course provides negotiation strategies that enable you to achieve mutually satisfying results rather than haggling over issues that can derail transactions. Through highly-interactive role playing activities, you will develop and practice scripts that can prepare you to successfully negotiate with all parties in a transaction, including clients, other agents, and service providers.

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Communication Skills
Service Providers
Transaction Coordination
Client Relationship Management
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