Top 10 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business

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View the CRS webinar recording, Top 10 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Real Estate Business, with Alex Camelio, Craig Grant, and Juanita McDowell, recorded on January 17, 2017.

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Today's REALTOR® utilizes many technologies in their daily business; such as computers, mobile devices, the Internet, cloud based tools, social media, messaging/communication platforms, and more. However, if used without the proper safeguards in place, this can put an agent &/or company and the consumers they serve in a vulnerable position. In the current world of viruses, malware, social engineering, identity theft and more (all of which are growing at alarming rates), this is especially concerning when combined with the fact that in many cases the real estate practitioner is collecting and storing their clients' personally identifiable information.

This session is intended to help today's REALTOR® steer themselves and their clients' through the perilous legal, online and social media world, plus personal and computer security tips.


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Meet Alex ...

Alex Camelio, is the head of technology for a new venture capital and incubator company. Alex focuses on both acquisitions and working to help grow products within the portfolio. Prior to selling his company to Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Alex was the Co-Founder and President at Barcode Realty. Within the real estate community, he has been recognized internationally as an expert in technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship and has presented for various national organizations.







Meet Craig ...

Why is Craig Grant, considered one of the top technology instructors around? Because he has an amazing ability to present technology topics in such a fun & easy to follow way, the average REALTOR® can not only understand it, but go home & apply the knowledge & tools they need to succeed in today’s fast changing real estate marketplace. With over 150 speaking engagements around the country each year including some of the industry's top events with sessions for NAR, many state associations, national franchises & more, it is easy to see why Craig is considered, the Real Estate Tech Guru.







Meet Juanita ...

Juanita McDowell, is a speaker and a “Cool Geek” — with a Passion for Talking You Down from that Scary Techno Ledge. Juanita takes pride in her ability to simplify technology so that the average person can understand how and why to use it. Each year Juanita travels the country and Canada, delivering keynotes and workshops on Sales, Marketing, and Technology. Today she owns a training company that delivers over 200 workshops and seminars each year to corporations and non-profit associations.








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