Technologies to Advance Your Business (CRS 206)

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Classroom Course
16 Credits
Credit Type: 
CRS Course
2 Days
CE Credit: 
AK (12 Hrs.), CO (8), DC (16 Hrs.), DE (6 Hr. Module 6 & 7), FL (11 Hrs.), GA (12 Hrs.), HI (15 Hrs.), IA (16), ID (Accepted for 15 hrs.), KS (9), MI (16 Hrs.), MN (16), MS (15 Hrs.), NE (6 Hrs.), NM (5 Hrs.), NV (16 Hrs), OH (12), OK (16 Hrs.), SD (16), TN (16 Hrs.), VA (8 Hrs CE & 2 Hrs PLE), VT (6), WA (16 Hrs.), WI (6)

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Today’s internet-enabled real estate market requires sales agents to work faster and be more responsive than ever before. The ability to quickly access and exchange information – anywhere, anytime – can be the difference between making and breaking a transaction. The Technologies to Advance Your Business course guides students through a process for analyzing the technology needs of their business. Course topics focus on using technology tools that enable sales agents to become more productive, increase their profits, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This course combines targeted discussion topics, technology demonstrations, and engaging activities to prepare students to select the right technology tools and systems to advance their business.

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Course Content:
  • Time-saving technology tools
  • Automated contact management & follow-up systems
  • Strategic mass email & internet marketing
  • Successful marketing via Web sites, Blogs and other communication tools
  • Effective multimedia technologies for enhanced listing & buyer presentations

Scheduled Classes

Date City State
10/24/2017 - 05:00 McAllen TX Details
11/15/2017 - 06:00 Bellevue WA Details
Topics Covered 
Productivity Tools
Mobile Technology
Cloud Computing
Online Presence
Client Relationship Management
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