Series: Put More Show and Less Tell in Your Next Listing Presentation - Part 1

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View the webinar recording, Series: Put More Show and Less Tell in Your Next Listing Presentation - Part 1, with Randy Templeman, CRS, recorded on March 8, 2017. This is the first in a two-part series, Put More Show and Less Tell in Your Next Listing Presentation. The part 2 was recorded, March 9, 2017, Series: Put More Show and Less Tell in Your Next Listing Presentation - Part 2.

SERIES DISCOUNT: If you register for the The Put More Show and Less Tell in Your Next Listing Presentation Series and purchase both webinars at the same time, you receive a discount of $10—members can purchase the series for $50 and non-members for $110. *This Series Discount cannot be combined with other promotions. To redeem a Coupon Code, you will have to register for the webinars individually and apply your code to both instances.

What to Expect ...

A traditional listing presentation often consists of a licensee explaining to a seller through a verbal explanation of what is involved in the marketing and sale of their property. Instead of just telling a seller something, show them! They will be in "awe" when you "draw" the various components of the listing and selling process. Discover how easy but incredibly powerful hand diagraming can be. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then use them! This webinar covers a multitude of visual presentation methods providing you with techniques to demonstrate to sellers that "seeing is believing" so that you can establish stronger, more professional relationships and obtain more listings!

The success of a listing presentation is not only based on scripts and dialogues (what you say), but more importantly, what you show the seller. By incorporating visual communication techniques, you will enhance the clarity of the information, improve the seller's comprehension, retention and recall of the material. When the seller sees your role the listing process, your marketing plan, pricing and what is involved in getting a property sold, you demonstrate your competence, improve credibility and trust while minimizing confusion and misunderstandings.

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Meet Randy ...

<Randy Templeman, CRS started his real estate career in 1981 when mortgage interest rates were at the highest point in history (over 17%). Undaunted by the economic conditions he would face for years, Randy built a successful sales career by creating and implementing innovative business strategies, utilizing emerging technologies and taking advantage of the knowledge he gained by attending courses leading to numerous professional designations. He has been a CRS since 1987.

Randy has shared his expertise with thousands across U.S. as a trainer for several companies, presenter at NAR and regional Realtor® conferences and instructor of numerous GRI, NAR designation and certification courses. Over the last decade, he has been teaching and coaching agents at one of the largest brokerage firms in the nation to become more productive, profitable and prosperous.




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