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For real estate professionals active in either resale or new home business,
Residential Construction Certified™ delivers the most effective & comprehensive training available covering materials, methods, terminology and details of residential construction. The RCC™ Certification identifies you as a true real estate professional with in-depth knowledge of the products you sell ... knowledge of residential construction ... which allows you to work more professionally with buyers, sellers, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, designers, engineers and construction professionals.
Combining audio, video and hundreds of graphics & onsite construction photos, this program takes your training experience far beyond what can be done in the typical classroom setting. After completing the course, the CD-ROMs become a powerful sales tool to share your expertise and to help educate your customers through the home buying process. Your RCC™ Certification Workbook, filled with your notes from the course, also become a valuable resource that many students describe as an encyclopedia of residential construction information.
The RCC™ program includes two (2) Interactive CD-ROMs that take you page-by-page through the RCC™ Certification Workbook. When finished with the training, you then complete the open-book, online test. The correct test answers will be found in the notes you have taken in your RCC™ Certification Workbook. A score of 90% or better earns your Residential Construction Certified™ certification.
Once your test is processed, you receive a hard copy certificate and a link to download the RCC™ logo and a sample press release for use on your promotional materials and web site.
It's simply the most effective, convenient and enjoyable way to take your professionalism and sales success to a higher level!
For more information visit or call 800.428.1122.
(Note: RCC™ is the prerequisite course for Certified New Home Specialist Certification)

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