Using Drones in your Real Estate Business

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View the CRS webinar recording, Using Drones in your Real Estate Business, with Zac Morton, CRS, recorded on December 12, 2016.

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Should or should you not go out and get a drone? Drones are hot topics but there is always more than meets the eye. Zac will discuss different reasons for adding a drone to your business. He will also discuss different ways to effectively use a drone to promote your listings and ultimately show you a return on your investment in equipment and time.


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Zac Morton, CRS, has 14 years in real estate and is proud to be a CRS. Zac is the co-owner of Morton Jones and Associates Real Estate Team, serving the greater Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas metro area. Zac's business has had a lot of success and fun implementing video into his business and he is excited to share with you a tool that can be very beneficial to your business.









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