Smart Homes For Realtors 101 - Part 2

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View the webinar recording, Smart Homes For Realtors 101 - Part 2, recorded on December 14, 2016, with Matthew Rathbun, CRS. This is the second in a two-part series, The Smart Home Series. The first webinar was recorded on December 13, 2016, Smart Homes For Realtors 101 - Part 1.

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What to Expect ...

We have entered an era where with the mere sound of our voice we can control the temperature, security systems and even the color of the lights in our homes. The pervasiveness of these technologies have grown quickly and are becoming intertwined in every aspect of homeownership. These devices, that were once known merely as "gadgets" are now becoming standard in many homes and are in high demand. Are you aware of how they work and what conveys when a home is sold? Do you know how to recognize these devices, what they do and how they work so that your buyer can see their value? Do you know how to present these in a dynamic way that will accentuate your Seller's investment and get the home sold more quickly? This program helps you answer all of these questions and more with a hands on display of some of the Smart Home devices that you'll see in your homes now and in the future.

There are 25 billion Smart Home devices in place in homes all across America. Real Estate Agents are being depended upon to promote these features within the home as the listing agent and to be able to identify and demonstrate their value as a Buyers Agent. This webinar will cover what defines a Smart Home, what components are in place, how do they convey in contract terms and how to promote these features.

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Meet Matthew ...

Matthew is a Virginia Licensed Broker and Exec. Vice President of Coldwell Banker Elite, overseeing a multi-office firm. After many years as a high producing agent, Matthew began working with agents to help them find success in this challenging industry. Matthew believes that education is a critical element to an agent's success and speaks on various topics internationally.

Matthew has served in various capacities in the Realtor Association and has been the recipient of the Virginia Association of REALTORS® Educator of the Year award, and various other accolades.




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