How to be a Top Producer via Referrals

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View the CRS webinar recording, How to be a Top Producer via Referrals, with Alissa Jenkins, recorded on November 21, 2016.

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This webinar recording is intended to remind people that we are in the people business. There is not a short cut way to success or magical technology tool to produce the numbers. The goal is to care about people and win their business by being a likable person. It will turn your business to referrals, and client loyalty will be stronger than ever. No paid leads, just showing people you care about them.

Many REALTORS® struggle with asking for the business. The key to overcoming this is changing your perspective of what our business is, and talking less about yourself and focusing more on the other people. Once this perspective is changed, your business will increase to be the business that you want.


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When Alissa Jenkins, grew up in a family of appraisers, and she is the first generation to be involved in the REALTOR® industry of real estate. After 4 years in the business and at the age of 27, I have made it to the top 1% of Realtors in my market of GBRAR of over 2,300 REALTORS®. I also was elected to REALTORS® Magazine's 2016 class for 30 Under 30. I want to give back and share my knowledge to anyone seeking to improve his or her business.



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