Diversity and Inclusion - Why is it Important?

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Expanding the outlook and establishing creative, diverse and inclusive strategies for your business ensures that you are setting yourself up for success in the future. As the minority segment of the population is expected to have tremendous buying power in the future (ie. Asian-American expected to top $1 Trillion Dollars in 2018, Hispanic-Americans expected to top $2 Trillion by 2020), its time to focus on these market segments ahead of time. Diversity and inclusion should be a focus in real estate to help capture these different markets.

To learn more about the growing power of the minority markets and the importance of such efforts in diversity and inclusion.

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Tim Hur, CRS, launched a successful career in real estate in 2006 right after obtaining his degree at Georgia Institute of Technology. For 6 years Tim operated a boutique real estate firm in Metro Atlanta, but in early 2016, he joined the corporate office of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, LLC as the brand's newly formed National Director of New Growth Markets, where he is in charge of growing the brand presence by focusing on the minority and diversity markets.







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