Negotiations & Objections: Getting from No to Yes

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View the CRS webinar recording, Negotiations & Objections: Getting from No to Yes, with Kim Knapp, CRS, recorded on January 19, 2017.

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We are always negotiating—negotiating the commission, the listing period, the terms of a contract, when and where to meet, etc. Top producers know setting expectations, addressing objections before they happen and earning the respect of their customers early pave the way to successful negotiations. Couple this with objection handling techniques and you will find navigating through the most difficult transactions becomes easier and likely more enjoyable for all.

Are you owning too much of what happens in the transaction? This can be a road block to negotiations. Understanding roles in the transaction, being equipped with tools to set expectations, knowing how to establish your professionalism and knowledge along with effective objection handling skills you will be able to take more listings and close more transactions.


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Kim Knapp, CRS is first and foremost a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister. Family first! Kim works for Coldwell Banker and leads a small team. For more than 14 years Kim has been a consistent top producer, selling more than $400 million in real estate. Kim understands the challenges all agents face. Five years ago she founded Real Dynamic Agents, a training and coaching program for real estate agents. Passionate about the real estate community, Kim is chairing education for the Florida CRS Chapter in 2016. She teaches social media strategy to agents at the local, state, and national levels. Kim loves this business we call real estate and the people who make it happen.



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