Creating a Constant Flow of Qualified Buyers

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View the CRS webinar recording, Creating a Constant Flow of Qualified Buyers, with Diego Espinoza-Martinez, recorded on November 9 , 2016.

What to Expect ...

The latest information on structuring multiple client databases, as well as prequalifying the buyer both by a lender and yourself. Possibly the most important of all we will also touch on being able to produce at a high degree by properly screening qualified buyers and understanding a buyer's needs.

Whether you are taking on your very first buyer consultation or working on building a mega inflow of buyers this webinar will be right for you. It will outline just a few simple but very effective procedures that can help your business really take off.


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Meet Diego ...

Diego Espinoza-Martinez sold 48 homes in his first 8 months of his real estate career. All were buyers. Diego's first full year in real estate he became the youngest to sell over 100 homes in his market at the age of 23 while attending CSU Fresno full time for a Business Degree in Finance. In 2016 he became the number one agent in his market out of over 1100 agents. Diego was also the first agent in his region to be honored with REALTOR® Magazine's 30 Under 30 award.



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