CLHMS Training Part I

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Classroom Course
8 Credits
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1 Day

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This fast-paced course takes the mystery out of the luxury home market. Content is designed to help sales professionals who currently work in the luxury home market move to the next level.  It will also help those who want to target the upper-tier jump-start their businesses. 
Course Content:
  • Who are the buyers and sellers of luxury homes? 
  • How do you find them and convince them to work with you?
  • How do wealthy home buyers evaluate and select their agents? 
  • What are affluent sellers’ marketing plan expectations?
  • How can you differentiate yourself as a luxury home expert?
  • What must you know about the lifestyle of the rich and famous (or, why you don’t market to Paris Hilton in the same way you market to Warren Buffet!)?
  • Why are millionaires not your best prospects?  Who is?
  • What “Buying Guidelines” do affluent buyers follow?

*Live presentations only

Scheduled Classes

Date City State
11/02/2017 - 05:00 Englewood FL Details
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Customer Service
Luxury Homes
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