Capturing Professional Photos Every Time Through Bracketing

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View the CRS webinar recording, Capturing Professional Photos Every Time Through Bracketing, with Dale Carlton, CRS, recorded on January 5, 2017.

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Real estate photos are now the first showing of a listing and the best photos lead to more attention from potential buyers. It is important for every real estate agent who chooses to shoot their own photos to know the best techniques for creating vibrant photos to attract the most views of their listings. It is also necessary to understand how to take photos in any lighting scenario at any time of the day.

It can be difficult to get the perfect image with a single shot. Taking several shots of the same subject using different camera settings is a technique called bracketing. In this webinar recording you will learn how the best photos are taken through bracketing. This webinar recording will show you how to use software to blend images to create the best photos for every listing.

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Dale Carlton, CRS, is a past President for the Council and has worked in the education field for seventeen years, working with non-profit organizations, under-grad students, universities, as an attorney, as a photographer and largely in the real estate field. He was formerly the Sr. Vice President and Executive Broker with one of the largest real estate companies in Arkansas. Dale is the current owner of Carlton Realty, Inc., and co-owns a photography studio named Focused Exposure, Inc. He was a broker during the sale of over $3 billion in properties, has personally sold/leased over $175 million in properties, and has owned, co-owned, or managed over 200 residential and commercial properties in Northwest Arkansas.







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