Smart Cities and Their Impact on Residential Real Estate

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Join us on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. Central, for the FREE CRS Member Benefit webinar, Smart Cities and Their Impact on Residential Real Estate, with Chad Curry; Matthew Rathbun, CRS; Gabe Klein; Charlie Catlett; Brenna Berman; and Grace Simrall. This webinar is two hours in length.

What to Expect ...

The term "smart city" can mean a lot of things to people. In this webinar, a panel of experts will help define what it means and what they are working on to drive the smart city movement. Join thought leaders, scientists and city planners as they discuss what is happening, what's coming and the implications for cities and their residents. Learn how smart cities are helping local governements develop more resilient cities. This conversation will help shape thought around the smart cities' impact on residential real estate.

What types of data will help home owners, sellers and buyers make decisions about how and where they live. From air quality to traffic monitoring and abatement, what will it mean for the future of real estate.

Listen to a preview of this webinar on the Residential Real Estate with CRS podcast. Susan Swartz talks with Chad Curry & Matthew Rathbun about what you can expect.

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