Effective Buyer Sales Strategies (CRS 202)

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16 Credits
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CRS Course
2 Days
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AK (12 Hrs.), AL (9), AR (6 Hrs.), CO (8), DC (16 Hrs.), DE (6 Hr. Module 6 & 7), FL (11 Hrs.), GA (15 Hrs.), HI (15 Hrs.), IA (16), ID (Accepted for 15.5 hrs.), KS (9), KY (3 Hrs), ME (9 Hrs.), MI (16 Hrs.), MO (9 hrs), MS (16 Hrs.), MT (12), NC (4), NE (3 Hrs.), NH (1.5 Hrs.), NJ (12 Hrs.), NM (10 Hrs.), NV (16 Hrs.), OH (13), OK (16 Hrs.), OR (15 Hrs.), SC (16 Hrs.), SD (16), TN (16 Hrs.), UT (9 Hrs.), VA (8 Hrs CE & 2 Hrs PLE), VT (6), WA (15 Hrs.), WI (6), WY (16 Hrs.)

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Top sales associates enjoy a competitive advantage because they understand what motivates and influences their customers. Sales Strategies gives students the inside track to win over prospective buyers by teaching them the necessary strategies that make their sales quick and efficient. Students will learn how to work with today's new buyer through counseling, salesmanship and negotiation. These effective strategies will give agents customers for life.

Course Content:
• Understand buyer motivation
• Eliminating sales resistance
• Creating trust and loyalty from buyers
• Negotiating skills

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Monday, 30 January 2017 to Tuesday, 31 January 2017

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Customer Service
Communication Skills
Buyer Strategies
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