Paths to Success

All paths lead to the one CRS Designation. Depending on your years of experience and the production level (volume of transactions) that you can demonstrate, you may qualify for the CRS Designation through either of our two current programs: the 60/30/30 Program or the Pro Program.
Choose Your Path

Are you a manager? Contact us to learn more about our Manager's Path (not depicted above).

Things to Consider When Applying


  • All education required to earn the CRS Designation must be provided by RRC. We do not accept outside credits or courses towards either path (as noted above). Check out some of our popular classes to get started.
  • All courses that are to count towards the earning the CRS Designation must be graded, and exams must be completed for credit to count. For this reason, we encourage the completion of self-paced eLearning or in-person classroom courses (including Virtual Pro or virtually held courses)
Education Program

The Application

  • The official CRS Designation Application can be downloaded here. It can be completed electronically and submitted via email. This is the quickest and easiest way to formally apply.
  • Applications are processed on a rolling basis, and typically take at most 5-7 business days to process.
  • The Affidavit of Required Transactions is the most important document of the application. This must be filled out completely and submitted in order for your application to be considered valid.
CRS Designation App

Check out these FAQs for additional information, or contact us.